Combining five years in the management consulting industry, extensive knowledge of brand management, and over a decade of experience in traditional and online higher education, I am able to offer clients a unique and compelling skill set for the deployment of online learning initiatives, nation branding strategies, and securitization efforts. During my tenure with The Eastern Management Group, I helped large and medium-sized companies including such industry leaders as Verizon, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph, and Telcordia Technologies achieve best practices, improve corporate culture, develop marketing strategies, engage in public awareness campaigns, and conduct effective government and media relations. With extensive experience in the planning, design, deployment, and assessment of online teaching initiatives, I assist colleges and universities in providing the highest quality education available over the Internet, equaling and often surpassing traditional forms of pedagogy while increasing revenue streams and student retention and graduation rates. My research has enabled me to assist developing and newly-independent countries in their efforts to positively representing themselves to international audiences, especially key decision-makers in the realms of politics, media, trade, and culture. As a political geographer focused on zombies and other cataclysmic "outbreak" scenarios, I have developed a series of tongue-in-cheek training sessions that provide practical, real-world value to emergency responders, corporations, security organizations, and national governments.
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Online Education and Distance Learning

As a 10 year-veteran of online teaching, I have extensive experience which can help any educational organization leverage existing resources as it seeks to implement or refine online or distance learning initiatives. On my home campus, I serve as the Arts & Sciences representative on the SUNY Learning Network Taskforce, which developed the College's "Best Practices for Online and Hybrid Teaching" policies, various assessment instruments, and other tools for improving and expanding online and hybrid teaching. Having developed and taught over 50 online undergraduate and graduate courses at a variety of institutions, including an online-only institution with more than 100,000 students in over 100 countries, I bring a broad understanding of the challenges and benefits of distance learning, including best practices, course design, interaction strategies, software selection, student feedback, management practices, technical specifications, etc.

Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy

Stemming from my work on the Borat-Kazakhstan controversy and more recent research on "nation branding" efforts across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, I have developed considerable expertise in public diplomacy efforts and international outreach, particularly through the use of new media and social networks. I can bring this experience to bear on small or large campaigns intended to improve the national image of countries and national heritage sites, as well as more targeted marketing efforts associated with national sports teams, Eurovision, and other high profile events that influence the international perception of a given state. With contacts in government, industry, and the media, I am able to add value to existing campaigns and provide proven strategies and effective frameworks for new programs.

"Zombie" Preparedness and Mitigation

While I do not believe in the existence of the walking dead, my work on the geopolitical importance of the "idea" of zombies in contemporary international affairs has lead me to develop a workshop on zombie/rage monster preparedness and mitigation. I have delivered this interactive program to criminal justice students, law enforcement personnel, and others who stand benefit from readiness strategies for human security and "unknown unknowns" associated with pandemics, psychotic drug reactions, and unregulated border-crossing and other crowd surge events. This often humorous, sometimes terrifying experience provokes critical thinking and new avenues of analysis that lead to novel strategies and tactics, as well as team-building and other benefits for small or larger groups. The workshop can be catered to different organizations, agencies, and occupational settings, focusing on local, regional, national, and global responses to "zombie-like" threats.
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